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Novastar TU20 PRO

$893.00 $1,115.00

387 x 359 x 173 mm

The TU20 Pro is a playback control processor specially designed by Xi’an NovaStar Tech Co., Ltd. (hereinafter

referred to as NovaStar) for indoor LED screens. It integrates the Android system and sending card functions into one

unit, and allows third-party apps to run on it, featuring powerful interaction and playback control capabilities.

The TU20 Pro supports wireless screen mirroring from Windows, macOS, iOS and Android terminals. For a standard

1080p video, the mirroring transmission is at up to 60 fps with a system latency of less than or equal to 80 ms at 8

meters. For different application scenarios, it provides 4 modes to let the document presentation, video playback and

remote meetings have the optimal display effect.

The TU20 Pro has no requirements of redesigning or changing the screen structure and can be hung on the wall or

placed on a surface, allowing for quick environment setup and use. It can be widely used in corporate exhibition halls,

government and corporate educational halls, hotel lobbies, telemedicine consultation and other LED single-screen

application scenarios.