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Novastar TB50 Playback Box

$305.00 $436.00

39*28*8 cm

TB50 is a new generation of multimedia player launched by Novastar for LED display. It integrates the functions of playing and sending. It can release programs and control the display screen through multi God user terminals such as PC, mobile phone and pad. It also supports access to cloud publishing and cloud monitoring platform to easily realize the cross regional cluster management of the display screen. With the characteristics of safety, stability, simplicity and intelligent control, T50 can be widely used in LED commercial display and smart city, such as fixed screen, lamp screen, car lock screen, advertising machine, mirror screen, retail store screen, door screen, shelf screen, etc.

1.8Ghz A55 Four-core Processor
Support for 1080P Video Hardware decoding
Operating Memory: 1G
Storage memory: 16G
4K*2 output
Support: 1300000 pixel loading capacity with max width of 4096 and height 4096Pixel
With 2 1000M net work
Can add 4G mode
100-240V 50/60HZ input,max power 18W